Must Watch List (Winter Film Releases)

Thank you, EW for always publishing movie calendars as a guide what is soon to hit theaters. And thank you Comcast OnDemand for your “trailers & reviews” tab so I can then proceed to watch trailers for said movies. As you can tell, I live for movies. Here’s the list of those soon to be released movies for the winter season that I’m most excited about with emphasis on all things independent.

December 2nd

Answers to Nothing: a collection of intertwining stories about lost souls throughout Los Angeles who search for meaning and redemption. Gotta say I’m intrigued to see Dane Cook in a dramatic role.

Shame: The story of a man whose sexual addiction is brought to light by his sister’s unannounced visit for an indefinite stay. Michael Fassbender, you’re one of my new favorite actors.

December 14th

Loosies: Peter Facinelli wrote and stars in this indie film about a pickpocket who discovers you fathered a baby with a past fling. Yes, the father from Twilight is multi-talented.

December 16th

Carnage: Based on the acclaimed broadway play “God of Carnage”, the centers on the first meeting and discussion of two couples - one upscale and one middle-class - about their sons’ schoolyard fight.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol: The newest film franchise with Paula Patton, my favorite Lost alum Josh Holloway and Jeremy Renner joining Tom Cruise. I’m not really into action movies that much but I’m excited to see this. Am I obsessed with Jeremy Renner? Why yes I am.

December 21st

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: It’s the newest film from David f—-ing Fincher! Enough said. Which reminds me. I have to watch “Se7en” and “Fight Club” again

January 27th

Man on a Ledge: A fugitive claiming his innocence feigns an attempt to commit suicide by jumping off a ledge, while his brother carries out a massive diamond heist to prove that he was set up. I’m a sucker for inventive heist films so this should be interesting.