Sundance 2012: My Last Couple of Days

My time at the festival continued after my first couple of days

Day 3 [Jan 22]: I’m back on the business of watching movies. My first order of business this day was to get on the waitlist to check out the premiere of Nobody Walksstarring John Krasinski (such a cutie) and Olivia Thirlby (a film about a sexually-charged artist whose brief stay with a couple endangers their marriage). I knew it would probably be a long shot to get in but I wanted to try. Usually the best bet is to get there about 1 1/2 before they pass out waitlist numbers in order to get in the front of the line. I didn’t make it that early (it was alittle hard to get out of bed that morning!) but I did get #40 or so I thought I had a good chance to get into Eccles (a 1200 seat theater). Of course I ran into the girls I met the day before (they called out to me - “you’re slacking this morning!”, lol). While waiting, I met more people, a couple that was in town for the festival and one of their best friends. We talked for awhile and exchanged info (I love this festival!).  I was almost heartbroken because when I came back to the theater after a break to await waitlist ticket sells, they call everyone up until my number. But fates were on my side and I got one of the last tickets because some reserved people didn’t show up. I enjoyed the film alot though unfortunately it didn’t blow me away. Great scenes though between the two leads, and of course it was great having John Krasinksi on the Q&A panel. He’s just as funny as you would think he would be. After the film it was more hanging out on Main Street for me. In the few hours I walked up and down the street, shopping and people watching, I saw Jason Ritter (again) twice - once when he was getting off a shuttle I was waiting to get on and the second time he passed me on the street. I think the guy is stalking me. :) I’m telling you, you can hang out in Park City all day and have a blast. Most of the film screenings are in Park City but there are a few in the surrounding areas (Sundance, Ogden, Salt Lake). I had a ticket that a showing of Twenty-Eight Hotel Rooms, starring the ever great and totally underrated Chris Messina, in Salt Lake. The film had a great concept about a man and a woman who has an affair by meeting in hotel rooms over the course of an extended period of time so I really wanted to see it. This year, there was a shuttle available between the two cities (score!), so I hoped on and got to hang out in Salt Lake for the first time. I loved the film. It created the perfect balance of intimacy, intrigue, and emotional complications. It was probably my favorite of all that I had seen. Big ups to Chris Messina! I try and follow his film career (I saw one of his last films, Monogamy, at the Tribeca film festival last year; not a great film overall but he was good in it) since I think one of these days he’s going to get a really great role and blow up. He has it in him. 

Day 4 [Jan 23]: My last full day at the festival! I can’t believe it went by so fast. I really wanted to get into the morning showing of Josh Radnor’s Liberal Arts. I had been hearing great things about it and how it was even better from his first Sundance film happythankyoumoreplease, which I liked very much. There was no way I was getting into the screening the day before and I 

unfortunately didn’t make it in time for this one (so disappointing!). But good news is that it was picked up distribution by IFC films so it should be hitting the theaters and/or On Demand soon. I did get in to the screening ofCommon's new film that premiered at the festival, L.U.V. (Learning Uncle Vincent). Now, I am a huge fan of his music but not so much his acting (because I find he has no real talent in that area). However, I did want to support the new up-and-coming Black filmmaker Shelton Candis. Needless to say, I was not too impressed by the film itself as I thought it was a muddled mess most of the time. Oh well, on to the next. My last film of the festival was Smashed, starring Aaron Paul and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, in Salt Lake. I really liked the potential of the story - two young, married alcoholics whose co-dependent relationship is ultimately threatened when she decides to get sober. Very well put together film with very strong beats from Mary Elizabeth Winstead. The only film I had ever seen her in up to this point was Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, where much of the focus wasn’t on her.  I was kinda impressed by her presence and how cool she was at the Q&A. She is definitely someone to watch for in the near future. Well, I think mission accomplished on my goals for this year. I must get thee back to Sundance next year with a whole new set of goals! I ultimately said goodbye to Sundance 2012 the best way I know how - at the bar at the Sundance HQ. Until next time…