Indie Shorts: Wes Anderson’s “Hotel Chevalier”


So I’ll admit it. I have never experience much of Wes Anderson’s work, only a short foray into the world of The Royal Tennebaums which I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m not avoiding him, really, especially since I am known to enjoy some “twee” every now and then. I know there are alot of Anderson fans out there who really enjoy his zany portraits Americana throughout the years. With the recent release of Moonrise Kingdom and appreciators of film once again becoming Wes Anderson obsessed, I decides to make it a point more of his work. One thing that has made a revival online is Hotel Chevalier, a 13-minute short film Anderson wrote and directed that proceeded The Darjeeling Limited (on the long list of movies I have yet to see). This film has it all - a beautiful, short-haired Natalie Portman post-V for Vendetta, a lovelorn Jason Schwartzman, the saddest almost sex scene ever, a physical and emotion sense of intrusion, a beautiful Parisian hotel room, and a vulernability to Anderson’s work I had never experienced. You can watch the entire short film below. What are your thoughts?