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“Man of Steel”

The newest update to the Superman film mythos from director Zack Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan.

The interweb was ablaze yesterday. Why? Because of the release of the latest trailer for Man of Steel, the newest Superman movie that was unfortunately beginning to fly under usual summer blockbuster comic book movie expectations (pun intended). I don’t know why but the new concept wasn’t grabbing hold of the masses. Okay, maybe the past subpar iterations had something to do with that (I’m looking at you, Brandon Routh). I for one was onboard when they started touting Henry Cavill (the man of my dreams from his brilliant work on The Tutors) around in blue tights. Well, I think everything is all about to change with this latest trailer that is.. in a word… utterly FANTASTIC. Suck it, haters. 

Here are some of my favorite moments from the trailer and some of my commentary along the way:

1. The score had me at the first note (0:01)
2. “Kal-El, I am your father” - Russell Crowe (0:10)
3. It’s the simple things in love; love the snapshots of those Americana moments (0:39)
4. As it is always portrayed, Clark just can’t help being a hero (0:54)
5. ”Clark, I am your father” - Kevin Costner (1:06)
6. The words to define a true legend (1:27)
7. Love the preparation for flight (1:55)… wait for it… and the actually flight (2:00)
8. Michael Shannon as General Zod was a brilliant casting move; we WILL see him angry (2:15)
9. Umm, a female Jimmy Olsen, perhaps? (2:27) 
10. Are we ever going to hear the word “Superman” spoken out loud? (2:45)

Predictions for the ending: This story is all pre-Daily Planet. After Superman is accepted by society as a superhero to watch over them, Clark will suddenly “show up”, glasses and all, and work at the Daily Planet. 

Man of Steel is scheduled for theatrical release on June 14th. I’ll be there at midnight… the night before. 

"Man of Steel"

[The newest update to the Superman film mythos from director Zack Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan.]

I’m quite partial to superhero movies, and I’m loving this new turn into comic worlds where these superheros are more real and character-driven yet still embodies the larger-than-life personas that made them so famous (think Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy). This trailer suggests more of the same with a more introspective look at the super-man who could quite easily take over the world but chooses to stand with humanity. The emphasis on this aspect is great as well as the questions of whether to hide his abilities in light of people’s suffering around him (and isn’t the clip of him taking off for flight awesome?). I have been digging on this movie ever since Henry Cavill from The Tutors landed the role of Superman as he has such a commanding presence.  Man of Steel also stars Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Michael Shannon (Zod), Kevin Costner (Papa Kent), and Diane Lane (Mama Kent) and will hit theaters mid-2013.

My Life Lately

…or “How Marvel got alot my time and money”

Let’s just say I was determined to watch the movies in the Marvel-verse that I hadn’t already seen before enjoying The Avengers. I had already seen both of the Hulk movies (the Edward Norton version definitely coming out on top), Captain American (which was pretty damn good), and the first Iron Man (blah). I just had to finish the movies out…

Thor (Friday, 5:30 pm). One of the best movies I never wanted to see. I attribute it all to Chris Hemsworth’s charming appeal.

Iron Man 2 (Friday, 7:30pm). A franchise that continues to cater to the role Robert Downey Jr was born to play. He has mastered the art of snarky and makes it oh so funny, yet just I still can’t really get into the movies for whatever reason.

The Avengers (Friday, 10:00pm). A little slow out of the gate and not enough Jeremy Renner, but a super-fun movie with a cast of characters that are great to watch whether they are playing nice or at each other’s throats. Ruffalo is definitely my favorite onscreen Hulk to date, Pine cracked me up with the red boots he sported in every screen, loved the on-screen bromance between Hulk and Iron Man, and (dare I say it) Black Widow had me intrigued.

Pop Culture Randomness (Marvel edition):

Must Watch List (Summer)

I have to say I have only seen one maybe two movies in the theaters in the last two months or so, an absolute rarity for me. It have been pretty much due to the lack of new movies I have been interested in enough to see. Well that is all about to change next month with the slew of summer releases that are on the horizon and I couldn’t be happier. Actually, I’m ecstatic. Thanks to the good people over at EW who continue to publish awesome movie calendars so people like me can plan their theater outings. With almost 15 movies between May and August, this will be my busiest summer yet:

May 4

The Avengers: Yep, I’m planning to assemble with some friends and see this. I will just miss seeing it at Tribeca and will but in Europe on opening weekend but I’m rushing back to see this. If you are like me and missed some of the origin movies like Thor, AMC theaters are running a Marvel movie marathon on May 3rd!

June 1

Killer Joe: When a debt puts a young man (Emile Hirsch)’s life in danger, he decides to hire a contract killer, Killer Joe Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), to kill his evil mother in order to collect the insurance money. No trailer yet but this dark indie comedy premiered at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival to good reviews, and I think it would be worth seeing.

June 8

Safety Not Guaranteed: This is my sweet and genuine comedy pick of the summer. The film is actually inspired by a real internet meme of a newspaper classified ad by a person seeking a companion for time travel (so how can this NOT be funny?). In this, three magazine employees head out on an assignment to interview a guy who placed this classified ad. One of my favorite up-and-coming actors Mark Jake Johnson (New Girl) stars.

June 22

To Rome With Love: The next Woody Allen movie focusing on people’s experiences in Rome starring Jesse Eisenberg, Ellen Page, Penelope Cruz, and Alec Baldwin.

June 27

Beasts of the Southern Wild: A magical story of a 6-year old girl who lives with her father in a southern Delta community at the edge of the world. When her father contracts a mysterious illness which threatens the balances of nature, Hushpuppy goes on a quest to find her mother. This was not a film on my radar at this year’s Sundance as I usually avoid anything remotely close to fantasy films but after it won the big prize there, I have to check it out.

Update (5/5): The trailer is here, and its beautiful fantasy film indeed:

June 29

People Like Us: A brother and sister meet for the first time in this upcoming Chris Pine/Elizabeth Banks movie.

Magic Mike: Male strippers without shirts but with plenty of dreams in Steven Soderbergh’s latest starring Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, and Matthew McConaughey

July 3

The Amazing Spiderman: I still think its too early for a spiderman reboot (or is this a prequel? really?) but I can’t fault them. They had my money at Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

July 6

Savages: I think Oliver Stone is on the right track with this new crime drama starring Blake Lively, Taylor Kitsch, John Travolta, Salma Hayek, and Benicio del Toro.

July 20

The Dark Knight Rises: I have to see the next and last entry in the Christopher Nolan Batman franchise. It doesn’t hurt that Inception castmates Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt co-stars. Am I the only one still not 100% sure of Anne Hathaway at Catwoman? Watch the official trailer or see a (much better, in my opinion) fan-made trailer. A new official trailer is suppose to premiere before The Avengers so keep an eye out for it!

August 3

The Bourne Legacy: In this 4th Bourne film, there is more to the Treadstone project: Jeremy Renner!

August 15

The Odd Life of Timothy Green: This is my family film pick of the summer. A childless couple bury a box in their backyard, containing all of their wishes for an infant. This characteristics are personified with the appearance of Timothy Green, but all is not as it appears. I’m curious to see the gentler side of Joel Edgerton (have you seen some of his past films?).

August 24

Premium Rush: A NYC bike messenger picks up an envelope that attracts the interest of a dirty cop, who pursues the cyclist throughout the city. I actually don’t think this is going to be anything more than just a cool looking action movie on a bike but Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in it… so… you know… gonna go see it. I actually stumbled across the film set last year so curious to see what they do with it to give it some substance.

August 31

Lawless (formerly The Wettest County): Three brothers (two of which are played by Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy) find their bootlegging business under threat in Prohibition-era Franklin County, Virginia. No trailer yet but I’m already pulled in by the cast which also includes Guy Pearce and Jessica Chastain.

Update (4/24): The trailer has just been released and it looks pretty damn good. I barely recognized Guy Pearce. Anyone thinks like I do that Shia LaBoeuf was born to play an outlaw?

"The Avengers" Will Close the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival

Surprise, surprise. It has been announced that Joss Whedon’s The Avengers will be screened on closing night of the Tribeca Film Festival on April 28th, ahead of its May 4th theatrical opening. As a tribute to “local heroes”, the festival has invited some of NYC’s finest - police officers, firemen, first responders, and military personnel - to attend the screening as special guests and have a change to meet the cast. 

With the choice of the Judd Apatow comedy The Five-Year Engagement opening the festival and this latest move by the festival programming to secure of the most anticipated summer blockbusters for the closing, this year’s festival will be sure to get more press than in past years.  As you may know, movies like The Avengers isn’t the usual fare for Tribeca but with the movie in the hands of Joss Whedon (Buffy, Firefly) it may be an interesting match.  Joss Whedon, for the most part, always finds ways to connect to his indie fan base so big ups to him though I’m sure he is reaping the benefits of all the exposure.This should be one of the hottest tickets in town come April, folks, so plan on getting one if you can. 

The Amazing Spiderman/Here it is. A new trailer for the upcoming movie The Amazing Spiderman. In terms of my reaction to this, let me go back to the beginning when it was first announced that they were developing a new spiderman movie only a few years after the Sam Raimi franchise. Plus, it supposed to be a prequel of sorts (huh?). Yes, the 3rd installment was far from good but as a whole I thought the Tobey Macquire triology was endearing. Cut to the announcements of the lead actors and the months that followed with press-released film photos and the teaser trailer. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as leads? Point-of-view shots of Spidey swinging? I have to say, I was starting to jump on board. Then I saw this trailer. Now, I do see that this movie will indeed have a different feel. It’s darker, brooding, and has a more technical, marital arts feel. Parker in some ways is more passionate, aware, and outspoken. However, I couldn’t put my finger on it but by the trailer, the beats of the film seem all wrong. As alot of the Peter Parker story has to do with his inner struggles, I’m not getting that here. The “Untold Story of Spiderman”? We’ll see. I’m starting to get the feeling that alot of people will go see this but it won’t be reviewed as well. What are your thoughts?