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Movie Math: “Friends with Kids”

Half of the ensemble cast from the 2011 comedy Bridesmaids, including Jon Hamm who plays a really big asshole, who navigate this screwy and raunchy tale of friendship, petty jealousies, and competition.


An unmarried couple like the one in the 2009 comedy-drama Away We Go who are having a kid and are scared of losing what they like about their current lives but are ultimately determined to make it work. 


The 2012 sometimes-raunchy comedy Friends with Kids about a group of couple friends, including Jon Hamm who plays a really big asshole, in an unspoken competition to see who can successfully achieve love, happiness, and parenthood all at once. In the center of the film is two best friends who believe the best approach is to share the responsibilities of the child but remain platonic.

For me, Friends with Kids was a good film to watch unfold -a glimpse of how the insertion of kids may or may not affect one’s adult life - but had too cliche of an ending for me. However, it is one movie that I would still recommend anyone in the mood to laugh and/or examine the complexities of male-female friendships on screen.